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Benefits Of The New Healthcare IT Solutions

High caliber management systems have been created by R&D departments and technology corporations in response to the Healthcare IT solutions brought into play during November of 2012. Compliance with the Healthcare Reform Act is ensured via these systems being implemented, and includes compliance with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The lifesaving abilities of medical staff have also been enhanced with the capability to quickly retrieve and review vital information.

Why Were These Healthcare IT Solutions Implemented?

It has become mandatory for all hospitals and medical centers to fully integrate their medical records and management system in accordance with the Healthcare Reform Act. It is now compulsory for health records to be based on the ICD-10 code transition and this comes with a deadline of October 2014. Compliance needs have been taken into consideration by these corporations, and they have developed the necessary systems in order to support healthcare professionals and address the requirements of the act.

You would find it hard to miss the somewhat large, but portable computer system that doctors and nurses are now using during a checkup. These computers are part of the new data management system where medical records are uploaded online to a full-service database. The Centricity Practice Solution series have acknowledged the requirements by providing a simple to navigate end user interface that meets the standards of the new regulations.

The Purpose of the New Healthcare IT Solutions

The Healthcare Reform Act has stated the need for an allpurpose data management solution, specifically designed for the health industry. In response, R&D departments and IT corporations have created systems that do not create a huge learning curve for medical professionals, but still manage to be compliant. It is not the just the aim to obey the law, but it is also the aim to produce a more efficient and less complicated method of managing patient records.

How Are These New Systems Enhanced?

A newly developed GUI interface prompts the medical staff through the new processes. The ICD-10 code transition is ensured by forcing data that is entered to be within the newly created code specifications, and also provides education to healthcare professionals on the new standards. There is now a one click system once a record has been entered. Patient records can now be viewed with unprecedented speed and without the need to physically hunt through substantial written case files.

There is now no longer the need for extensive data entry just to update electronically stored medical records. Staff and doctors can now easily browse through the latest format which also enables them to easily change and update a record without any errors. Categories branch off from systems that allow records to be accessed through a search engine query. Records occupy a position in the database according to their category, with searches being sped up through efficient indexing. Doctors can conduct a search via way of entering keywords in line with the expected information, which allows for faster data access.

The New Healthcare IT Solutions Benefits

It is not just the doctors and staff of medical centers that benefit from these changes, but the patients as well. Time savings, costs, and time sensitive critical solutions are all provided by this new system. Some other benefits include:

Less time spent training medical staff Intuitive GUI Indexing and searching now available via category Productivity increased for medical staff Security for sensitive information enhanced Coding systems easy to learn Simple sharing of patients’ files between medical professionals Updates between time frames much faster Critical patient information now immediately accessible

To summarize, there are immediate and obvious benefits to the healthcare industry through these new healthcare IT systems. More lives can conceivably be saved through instant access to critical information. Sharing among departments will also be increased. As an example, patient information from an ambulance driver can now be instantly transferred to the ER staff. Condition updates and diagnosis are now also immediately updated throughout all departments. Doctors and other relevant staff can have immediate access to a patient’s test results. There is also the fact that using these new reforms makes hospitals and medical centers compliant with the new Healthcare Reform Act.

Shane writes for the i3 Business Solutions blog, a company that provides healthcare IT solutions for Grand Rapids area businesses.

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