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The cell phone has definitely developed as a new and mobile technology over the years. It’s hard to think that the large, clunky mobile phones of the eighties have developed into the tiny devices we can comfortably place into our shirt and pants pockets today. With internet capabilities, downloading of efficient and informative applications, to […]

Ham radio is a derogatory term which was first coined in the 19th century to mock amateur radio operators. This led to the common use of the term “amateur radio” to refer to ham radio as a wireless phone hobby for all ages and walks of life to communicate. The numbers of licensed ham radio […]

The magical touch of technology has always managed to make life a lot easier for us in every possible way, but none has been as essential to the development of the technological era as the VoIP. Voice Over Internet Protocol of VoIP, being the golden discovery of our era allowed us to stay in touch […]

Citizen Band radio or CB radio is a short distance radio device that operates with 40 channels in the 27MHz (or 11m) band. As two-way radio, it is popular in the US and many countries with construction workers, movie production crews, warehouse staff and others such teams, who may be separated over short distances at […]

The radio is perhaps one of the most important technological inventions of the 1920’s. It not only bought the people together but it paved the way for people to communicate and interact. It has become an important part of our lives whether it is for listening to news reports or enjoying music. This technological invention […]

The Evolution Of The iPhone The first iPhone was reased on January 9th 2007. About a year and a half later, the iPhone 3g was released in July of 2008. Apple then began releasing new phones on a roughly yearly schedule. The next step in the evolution was the iPhone 3GS which brought a 3MP […]