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i-box Flats Review

When you buy a MP3 player, tablet or smartphone, a free pair of headphones is likely to come, so what’s the point of a $38 set of headphones? The answer is pretty simple in the case of i-box Flats: excellent noise isolation, stylish design, decent build and better than basic audio. In addition they are very comfortable and offer a whole lot more than the $38 worth of additional value over the free earbuds.

Build and Design

The i-box Flats earbuds have a black and red livery, which is much similar to the Beats styling. They sport a black and red color scheme that goes with any outfit you can gather. Simply saying, the striking black and red color scheme in which everything is black apart from the grey silicon earbud covers and red cable.

The build quality is excellent. Unlike the thin circular wires in most of the inexpensive headphone cables, the cable in i-box is fat and flat. The wide and flat nature of 1.2m long cable makes don’t allow it to tangle. These ear buds are available in 3 sets of different sizes. Almost every component that touches your ear is made from lightweight metal. There is an inline phone and mic controller as well. There is a bundled carry case, and the gold-plated jack is 3.5mm long. The multiple silicon earbud tips will help to find the correct fit for you.

Audio Quality

It is really true that you get what you pay for in the audio world. With 97dB sensitivity, a frequency response of 20-20,000Hz, 16ohm and a 10mm driver, we can’t say that it is the excellent rank in the world of audio. However, the i-box Flats offer decent listening experience although no outstanding.

In comparison to the free earphone of the HTC One and other cheap headphones, the i-box is the clear winner. Though it doesn’t offer the most prominent bass, the audio quality is fine. It offers well-rounded sound with decent detail. Listening to rap and rock music we found everything punchy and clear. And without any distortion we were able to turn things right up. Podcasts and talk radio feel warm and intimate.

Noise Isolation

When it comes to the noise isolation the i-box Flats stand out, both in terms of your fellow commuters and your listening experience. The noise isolation of these ear buds is too good. And you can listen to whatever you like without being embarrassed in front of your fellow tube or train passengers. Nothing is heard outside even at the maximum levels of volume.

Bottom Line

The i-box Flat comes with reasonable audio, decent build quality and striking design. With just $38 you can get the good upgrade over the free headphones without having to challenge high-end headphones.

Author Bio: Michael Smith is a professional tech writer with several years of experience in blogging. He mainly likes to write about Apple products, Android smartphones and other gadgets. Find out what he has to say about best iPhone 5 cases and iPhone 5s rumors.

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