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The Dawn of Smart Washers and Dryers

Smart phone apps have brought about a revolution in lifestyle for many. Now, there’s an app for monitoring your laundry and getting it started from a remote location. It can send you an alert when the dryer cycle is complete and provide many other conveniences.

“Is that really necessary?” doubters might ask. “Of course it is!” fans of new gadgetry respond. The fact is, once you’ve got a smart washer and dryer installed, you’ll find plenty of ways to make use of their intelligence.

Introducing LG Smart ThinQ from LG

LG has been an industry leader in innovation for decades. The next generation of performance has been revealed in its WiFi-enabled clothes washer, gas dryer and electric dryer. These feature-rich machines are equipped with technologies that save time while cleaning clothes and other items more effectively. We’ll look at how LG Smart ThinQ models clean and dry your items, and then we’ll cover the extras.

Cleaner, Healthier and Cheaper Laundry is at Your Fingertips

Let’s start with cleaner. The Smart ThinQ clothes washer uses what LG calls WaveForce technology. The drum pulsates while washing and rinsing in order to drive detergent and water through the fabric, lifting away dirt and stains more effectively than standard performance would. Powerful jets spray water into the clothing to enhance the cleaning power of WaveForce.

The Smart ThinQ dryer models, both gas and electric, are equipped with an onboard heater that creates steam. A steam cycle can be selected for items like pillows and children’s stuffed animals that don’t do well in the washing machine. The steam penetrates the items to clean and disinfect them.

Steaming items in the dryer makes them healthier. The steam is hot enough to kill bacteria and viruses. In the clothes washer, the same results can be achieved with the cycle offering sanitizing heat. The water is heated to 158-degrees Fahrenheit. The cycle is rated by the independent National Safety Foundation (NSF) to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

Cheaper laundry? Yes! The Smart Grid Ready feature monitors electric rates in your area. Load your washer or dryer, and the machine will complete the load when rates are lowest. That’s especially worth considering with an electric dryer. It will start pay back the high cost of these intelligent appliances!

The connectivity of this unit allows LG to remotely diagnosis issues. You can download the program for a new wash cycle for specialty fabrics. The washer can communicate with the dryer about the size and type of load it is washing, so the dryer cycle will be preset when the clothes are put into it. It’s smart, convenient and effective.

Remote Programming and More with LG Smart ThinQ

As noted, you can program your appliances and monitor wash and dry cycles remotely with the LG app. It will send you an alert when a cycle is done. When you’re home, the LG Cinema 3D HD TV touchscreen can be used to download and play a variety of media to take the boredom out of doing laundry.

While the LG Smart ThinQ won’t sort dirty loads or fold clean loads, these intelligent appliances do everything in between with an impressive array of technologies.

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