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The History of Call of Duty

Call of Duty X: Ghosts, which will be playable on the new consoles – Play Station 4 and Xbox One, was released on November, 5 2013. It has been a decade since the first version of the game was released in 2003. First developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision, the video game has seen several development changes including the switch from World War II setting to modern times warfare in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Below is a summary of the sequels which followed after the initial release in 2003.

Call of Duty

The first version was released on November 7 2003 in Europe after the debut release in North America on October 29 2003. It supported single player mode only although it was designed such that computer controlled allies gave support to the player to bring in realistic events from World War II. It was playable on Microsoft Windows only and later on OS X after the release of extension pack; United Offensive in September 2004.

Call of Duty II

The second installment in the series Call of Duty 2 was released on October 25, 2005 for Windows PC and November 22 in the same year for X box 360. The most noticeable change from the previous version was capabilities to regenerate health. The game was also designed to be played from the perspective of 4 soldiers from the red army, the United States Army and the British Army.

Call of Duty III

Released on November 7 2006, Call of duty 3 was the first in the series which was supported by Wii Gaming consoles. In addition, this was the first installment in the series which was developed exclusively for gaming consoles.

Call of Duty IV: Modern Warfare

Previously all installments before the release of Modern Warfare were set in World War II. It was released in November 2007 for gaming consoles and Windows PCs and later in September 2008 for the Mac. Note that this installment used a proprietary game engine and was the first one in the series to get a mature rating.

Call of Duty V: World at War

The fifth installment of the series, World at War which was released on November 8, 2008 returns to World War II. Its multi-player component came with several game modes and has a leveling system which allows the user to unlock weapons as they advance. A new feature; cooperative mode allows the collaboration of 2 players offline and 4 online. This iteration of the series also introduced the very popular Zombie Mode.

Call of Duty VI: Modern Warfare II

The sixth mainstream release in the series continues the story line from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare which implies that it was not set in World War II. It sold 4.7 million copies in North America and the United Kingdom 24 hours after its release on November 10, 2009 and has since then ranked as the second best-selling video game both in US and the UK.

Call of Duty VII: Black Ops

Developed by Treyarch and published by Activision, Black Ops is the seventh installment in the series. It was released on November 9, 2010 for Windows PCs, Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gaming consoles. It was the first in the series to be set in the Cold War and the third installment which was developed by Treyarch.

Call of Duty VIII: Modern Warfare III

The eighth installment, Modern Warfare III which continues the storyline from Modern Warfare II was released on November 8 2011 for Microsoft Windows, Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gaming consoles. It features a new mode (survival) which requires the players to fight endless waves of enemies in levels which become more difficult as the player advances.

Call of Duty IX: Black Ops II

The sequel to the 2010 installment Black Ops Was released on November 13 2012 for Windows PCs, PlayStation and Xbox360. A unique thing about it is that it was the first game in the series to feature modern warfare. In addition, the game offers a 3D display option.

Call of Duty X: Ghosts

The latest installment to date, Call of Duty X Ghosts, was released on November, 5 2013 for older consoles although another release is set for November 15 2013 on the same day when new gaming consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be launched. A new multi-player mode called squad will allow users to create their own squads and use them to fight other squads around the world.

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