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The History of Software Testing

Of the various types of testing, software testing is one of the more advanced and rigorous. This is when you test the way software programs run so that any bugs in the software source code that are found are removed. Software testing is mostly done by the programmer who writes the code so that the system does not crash because of the bugs. Software testing is the process of running a series of executions that are carried out so that the possible existing errors are uncovered.

Software testing began in the 1950s and it was basic. However it was found that the kind of testing that was being done was not able to find all the bugs. In the 1960s and 1970s a method that was known as correctness proof was developed that was designed but it was time consuming and it did not de-bug the system sufficiently. The next method of software testing was developed in the late 1970s and this method tried to find errors in the system that had not yet been discovered. This was an improvement of the previous method that tried to remove errors that had already been discovered. The way these types of software testing worked is by testing the program as if there were errors to void assuming that there are no errors which would cause the programs to thoroughly inspect each part of the program as well as inspect each test results.

In the 1980s defect prevention was included in the process of software testing. This was defined as designing tests and it was a huge improvement on the other methods of testing that existed until then. In this method of testing reviews of the whole program was done as it was developed. This included testing the requirements of the program, the design of the program, the code, the program as well as the tests that were carried out to ensure that they were effective. After that testing tools that were automated were developed to make the testing process more efficient and improve the quality of testing that was done at the time.

Computers could do more tests compared to people which was how efficiency was increased. In the 1990s the early test design was developed. This mode of testing was done by doing tests in the planning, design, building, maintaining, and in the testing of the program. It also involved quality assurance of the program. Other methods of testing that were developed at this time were testing tools that were more advanced in scripting languages and reporting facilities. One of the main developments at this stage was capacity planning where tools were developed that tested stress and the load of the target system that determined the breaking point of the system.

In the 2000s a method of testing known as BTO (Business Technology Optimization) was developed. In this method of testing, the business goals of an organization’s program and the effectiveness of the program were taken into consideration. The way this method was developed to work is to measure the value of the program and maximize it by enhancing the way the program works.

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