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The History of the iPhone

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The Evolution Of The iPhone

The first iPhone was reased on January 9th 2007. About a year and a half later, the iPhone 3g was released in July of 2008. Apple then began releasing new phones on a roughly yearly schedule. The next step in the evolution was the iPhone 3GS which brought a 3MP camera (updated from 2MP) as well as some new features like a digital compass, and built-in Nike+ support and a faster processor which was boosted to 833MHZ over its predecessors which both ran at 620MHZ. These models, the original iPhone, the 3G and 3GS have all been discontinued at this point.

After the 3G version, iPhone released their next iPhone which was called the iPhone 4 and was released in June 2010. This was a pretty major update which brought the first dual camera set-up with both front-facing and rear cameras, an LED flash as well as upgrades to pretty much all components. It was also the first iPhone to get CDMA support which meant Verizon customers would finally be able to get themselves an iPhone starting in January of 2011. After the iPhone 4s’ release, Apple then launched their iPhone 4s in October of 2011 which, like the previous “S” iteration, brought some minor upgrades to various components and also introduced the world to Siri.

In September of 2012 Apple released the iPhone 5. This brought upgrades to the processor, Ram and other components. It is the first iPhone to change from the previous form factor, increasing the screen size from 3.5 inches to 4 inches and changing the aspect ratio from 3:2 to 16:9. It also saw a switch back to aluminum cases from stainless steel and brought the iPhone line up to speed with 4G LTE. Apple continuously seemed to amaze other technology brands by their unique creations.

The Features Of The iPhone

The typical features of the iPhone are, of course, its quality camera, the app store which comes with free games, notes sections, voice memos, calculator, calendar, maps, weather, reminders, YouTube, music, videos, iTunes, stocks ratio, game center, and safari. The camera can be enabled by simply clicking the home button twice, allowing you to take photos whenever you may need to. The app store comes with a ton of games for free while the other full version games cost a dollar or so. The notes sections allow you to write down your schedule for the week or simply write down your thoughts and using it as a diary. The voice memos can also be used to create your voice mail recordings and as a place to record whatever you want. You can also use your calculator and calendar like your regular phone. The maps allows you to check simply all the places you want in the world. Weather reminders will alert you regarding the possible weather conditions of the week. You can also watch fun YouTube videos on the YouTube feature whenever there is WiFi. While you can download your music and videos in your iPhone and buy songs in the iTunes.

The amount of things you can do with the iPhone are endless, as they are filled with a ton of amazing features and benefits. The iPhone has become a part of peoples lives, as it is one of the few phones with the most features. People can even message one another through iMessage completely free, which is also such a great feature to the iPhone.

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