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Transforming the World with Cloud Computing

Without even knowing it, citizens of the world have taken to cloud computing like ants to a picnic basket!

Cloud computing has dramatically impacted our day to day lives, yet ask your neighbor to talk a bit about it – they probably won’t have much to say! It’s a very interesting dichotomy and more importantly, it highlights the level of disconnect consumers have with modern technologies. Let’s see if we can provide some education:

The mass integration of the internet into our society has created a technological infrastructure, and companies have been developing mind-bending software to utilize it. Cloud computing really is changing how humans exist on this planet. It makes things like Netflix, YouTube, apps, webmail and map applications possible! (So, pretty much everything.)

If you’re using an internet connection to access online content – that’s cloud computing. More specifically, cloud computing involves uploading files from a computer to a server located somewhere else. From there, the files can be stored or accessed via an internet connection at any time.

The accessibility of those files is part of the reason cloud computing is sweeping the world so quickly. Never before have humans been able to disseminate information so quickly and in so many different formats.

So what’s the other part of the reason?

Mobile Devices. Mobile devices are EVERYWHERE. Do you remember when iPads first debuted? You should – it was only in April of 2010! Of course, now there are all kinds of pads and smartphones out there, and they are only escalating the cloud computing trend.

Cloud computing has made a wide array of information immediately accessible via any computer. And since mobile devices are computers you can take on-the-go, data is now accessible immediately (cloud computing) from anywhere (mobile devices)!

The importance of this shift in communication cannot be emphasized enough. Up until 15 or 20 years ago, books and newspapers were pretty much our only source for information. If you wanted to know something, you had to go down to your local library, look in a card catalog and hope they carried something on the topic. Even then, the information might be out of date or biased.

This is one of the primary benefits of cloud computing technology. We now live in a world where a wide range of knowledge and viewpoints are equally accessible by all. And this is just the beginning.

In the future, we’ll see new applications of this technology– and new devices too. Smart-clothing and reality enhancing glasses are on the way! So are self-driving cars.

What else will we think of? The possibilities are endless!

You can learn more about the benefits of cloud computing here. For more information on this and other future technologies visit www.technologychronicle.com

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