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What’s The Best Free Antivirus Software

No matter if you are techno geek or just an ordinary layman, in today’s world, if you don’t speak the language of computer viruses, you’re going to go down, badly. At least, your computer will for sure. As technology is advancing, everyone is gearing up to protect their computers from the many types of computer viruses, Trojans, worms and spyware. The list is absolutely endless. The commendable part is that a lot of companies are coming up with a variety of the best free anti-virus software, all of which are fine tuned to the consumers ever growing needs to be secured, all the time.

While some of us may think that such free anti-virus software may not provide the required security, be assured that they are nothing but the best available in the market. So here’s a quick checklist of the best free anti-virus software which can help you fight all types of malicious virus and technology bugs known to man today.

Avast! Anti-virus

If you want an anti-virus software which can truly rock your system (well, not literally, so you can relax), then this is the one you have to pick. Not only is it ranking among the top list of software, but is also steadily giving stiff competition to the other free versions available on the net.

What you get with Avast!

  • File reputation system for scanning files
  • Web Rep
  • Fake site detector
  • Antivirus
  • Anti Spyware
  • Sandbox
  • Shields for the P2P network, IM, scripts etc
  • Boot scanning engines

Panda Cloud

Tired of battling all the technological advancements in your paid anti-virus version Still looking for a way out of paying all those hefty security bills? Well, then you can certainly pick Panda Cloud; it not only offers an excellent coverage to all those people who have a non-technical edge, but also offers you an average UI, making it extremely convenient to access at all times. All the updates are stored in the Cloud, which helps update the software quickly, helping you get rid of all possible tensions of installing the latest version.

What you get with Panda Cloud

  • Behavioral analysis tool
  • Cloud Antivirus Protection
  • Removes unwanted PUPs
  • USB key vaccine to detect if any virus is present in the USB device
  • Personalized Firewall

AVG Anti-virus

This is an addition to the long list of best free anti-virus software available online. The company has certainly paid heed to all the customer complaints and has now come up with an enhanced version of anti-virus offering you protection round the clock.

What you get with AVG Anti-Virus

  • Do not Track add on
  • Identity Protection
  • Privacy protection tools
  • Rootkit
  • PC Analyzer tool
  • WiFi Guard
  • Chat Link Shield

Comodo Anti-virus

Last, but not the least, is the Comodo anti-virus which combines all your anti-virus solutions into one neat, robust package. It’s simple to access, offers a successful scanning facility and is free. It offers you an array of features like Cloud based scanning, firewall, Sandboxes, anti-malware and anti-spyware among other things. It provides a friendly interface for the user which is an added advantage. It’s running shoulder to shoulder with other premium anti-virus providers which makes it one of the best free anti-virus software in the market as of now.

What you get with Comodo Anti-Virus

  • Firewall for added protection
  • Sandbox
  • Defense settings
  • Comodo Internet security

These were some of the top notch antivirus software doing the rounds of the Internet currently. Not only are they free, but each software has its own specifications which when combined with other computer features make them an excellent addition to your kit.

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